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A pore-tightening ampoule for silky smooth skin texture. Mainly works for pore-tightening, greasiness care, and bringing oil/water balance to the skin. 


Helps in:

  • Oil reduction
  • Sebum reduction
  • Blackhead reduction


Product characteristics:

  • Oil-water balance control: eliminates causes of greasiness and hydrates skin.
  • Pore tighter for oily skin: suitable for oily skin and effective to tighten enlarged pores.
  • Excessive sebum care: sepicontrol and madecassoside ingredients effectively care for sebum overproduction
  • Patented formula for sensitive skin: gives plentiful moisture and rapidly soothes irritated skin. 


Directions and tips:

  • Use ampoule like a mist during the daytime for better pore-tightening
  • Apply moisturizing cream with a few drops of ampoule to control pore and sebum 
  • Keep ampoule in refrigerator after use, helps in pore care efefct




Dr. Oracle Antibac GreenTherapy Tightening Ampoule


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